A Bit About Me

It’s been a circuitous (and interesting!) route to life as a Visual Professional which included, among other things, a BA from McGill, 10 or so years in sales and marketing, entrepreneurship with a focus on purpose, wellness, clarity, and self expression, several certifications in everything from stress management to nutrition, to creativity and life coaching. And 7 years of teaching creativity workshops.

Underlying all of it has been a focus on people – who they were, what they needed, and how I could best serve.

So whether you’ve arrived here because you’re after some clarity, direction and accountability in your personal life through Visual Coaching, or because you’d really like your audience to actually retain the information that you’ve poured hours into preparing for them using Graphic Recording, I bring essentially the same focus and skills. A fundamental interest in who you are, what matters most to you, the ability to listen and discern, and a singular goal of helping you meet your goals. And when you need it, I’m awesome at brainstorming, cheerleading, and butt-kicking too.

And I recommend, in either case, that we talk. Visual Work isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about getting what’s in your head, your heart, or your presentation, out into the world. That’s what gives it power, makes it memorable, gives you and your audience (whether that’s work, partners, family, or friends) insights and understanding that just simply can’t come from language alone. And for that you need to know who you’re working with – and I’m committed to making sure we’re a great fit. Please invest some time and set up a call.

Get on my calendar for an intro call that’s good for both of us.


Ralph Marston


  • Shift-It Visual Coaching with Christina Merkley

  • HeartMath – 1-1 and Group Facilitator Certification

  • Fundamentals of Interactive Visuals – Christina Merkley

  • Creativity Coaching – Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Eric Maisel

  • Beyond the Basics – Sam Bradd & Sophia Liang

  • Level Up Lettering – Heather Martinez

  • Certified Scientific Hand Analyst


  • 10+ years of sales & marketing in Pharma, IT and Recruiting

  • 10+ years of entrepreneurship – stress management and wellness workshops and coaching

  • 7+ years of Creativity Facilitation in corporate and personal settings

  • 100’s of clients in individual, corporate, and retreat environments

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