Get Creative

It’s especially important right now to take time for you.  For play, and joy, and connection with yourself and others, and for reflection on what’s important.

It’s easy, for women particularly, to constantly put yourself aside.  To focus on others and ensure all their needs are met.  But, typically, you wind up empty and burned out, and sometimes frustrated and resentful.  And, while a few hours of 100% time on you, to take care of the inner you, isn’t going to solve all the challenges we are facing right now, IT WILL HELP.

Creativity, especially done intentionally, is restorative and healing like nothing else.  And when you combine it with thoughtful conversation and an opportunity to connect, even virtually, with like-minded, heart-led, wise women, it’s even more beneficial.

So, please consider making time for yourself.  Just 3 hours.  Gather your supplies, a cup of coffee or glass of wine (depending on the workshop time you choose) and join us in this upcoming workshop.