What is Visual Coaching?2018-05-17T01:18:08+00:00

Good question!  It’s a pretty new approach to coaching but has extraordinary results.  Visuals make all the difference.

How do we work together?2018-05-17T01:19:28+00:00

That depends on what you’re planning.  But, if it’s a graphic recording for an event, we start with a meeting.  I’ll ask lots of questions, provide you with some insights and answers, and we’ll make sure we are a fit.  If we are, I’ll send a quote and an agreement.  Once you accept, I’ll get to work on prep.  It’s my job to understand your world, your audience, and what you want to communicate as well as I possibly can.  At the event, I’ll take care of my set up, work as large as the space allows (at least  4×6 or 4×8) and capture what’s said, using my finely honed discernment.  Once over, I’ll provide post-production services if desired, and will assist you with ensuring the images are useful for all your needs.

If it’s custom work, it’s similar.  The main difference is that I will be doing the work in my studio.  Once completed, I’ll either ship you the final piece or send digital images that will be ready for print.

Visual Coaching is a little different.  From a process standpoint, we start with a questionnaire about your goals and expectations.  Following that, we work with my bespoke system which is a mix of optimum performance, life purpose and clarity, and reaching your personal goals.  We work together online, and either I, or both of us will capture our conversation in real time.  If this interests you, use the contact form to reach out and let’s talk.

How can you record something you know nothing about?2018-05-17T01:06:12+00:00

Graphic Recording and Custom Work are all about preparation, understanding your needs and goals, and excellent listening skills.  I don’t have to be an expert in your field in order to capture what you say, or what happens in a meeting or roundtable.  My background in sales, recruiting, and training and teaching workshops has resulted in my having an ability to “hear” between the lines, to assess the dynamics and respond to the energy as well as the words.  I use a combination of being very well prepared, discernment and thinking on my feet to ensure that your event is recorded just as if you’d been taking your own notes!