Hand Analysis

Welcome! I’m excited that you’ve booked a Hand Analysis Intro Call. You’ll be fascinated by what’s in your hands.

Hand Analysis is a unique and fascinating approach to understanding your Life Purpose, your strengths and gifts, your emotional wellbeing, your relationships, and your innate habits and characteristics – all found in the lines and prints in your hands.  There is no fortune telling or prediction – it’s all about understanding the neural pathways of your brain that are mapped out in your hands.

I’ve come to believe that each of us has an individual calling that is as unique as a fingerprint.

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Here’s what I need for our Intro Conversation.  Please text me pictures – you can take them on your phone – of each hand.  Ideally, in a relaxed position, palm facing up, with a neutral background.  You’ll find the number to text them to in the Acuity Scheduler.  Please include your name – first name and last initial – with each picture.

Then, if you decide that you are interested in a Full Hand Analysis Session, I’ll send you a printing kit and further instructions, you’ll choose the package option that best meets your needs and goals.  There are 3 options –

  1. A 45-60 minute hand analysis session that will give you lots of places to start on your path to self awareness.
  2. A deeper dive into hands where we will look at everything that’s there, how they are connected, and how best to use what you learn.  You’ll also receive a recording, and written overviews & resources to help you remember and broaden your understanding of each aspect we discuss.
  3. All of option 2 + Visual Coaching so that you can take everything you learn about yourself from your hands and use it to live more authentically, peacefully, purposefully, and joyfully.  We will connect over 12 hour long sessions over the course of 3 – 4 months and tie all the aspects of your personality and your soul’s journey – Purpose, Lesson/Opportunity, and School, to give you an ultra in depth and incredibly personal approach to your life’s dreams and goals.  Read more about Visual Coaching here.

I took my very first Hand Analysis training mostly because I was intrigued, but I was also desperate to know my own Life Purpose after years of trying to figure it out with little success. And I thought it would be a fun and unique ‘party trick’ but, after reading my first few sets of hands and being stunned by the clarity and accuracy – and experience of being really SEEN – that people experienced, I dove into it in earnest.

After reading 100’s of hands over the last 10 years, and studying with the world’s best Hand Analysts, I’m still astounded by the ahas, the deep understanding that my clients experience, and the incredible and profound conversations that arise from it. Hand Analysis + Visual Coaching is the most direct and effective path to understanding who you are and how to live the life you want to life.

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