Love Styles FAQs

Discovering your own heart / love style can be life-changing.  Though it seems hard to believe, the line(s) is representative of the wiring of your brain and can tell you much about your behaviours, patterns, and, more importantly, emotional needs.

Hopefully, when you read about the qualities of the heartlines in your palms, it’ll be a big “yes, that sounds just like me!”

Missed the handout?

But for many of us that’s not the case.  Most of us have adapted our emotional styles to each of our relationships simply because we learn early in life that it’s the easiest way to accommodate others.  What we don’t realize, usually until patterns are really well established, that it’s critical for our own emotional wellbeing to live our own heartstyle as fully as possible, as well as encouraging those around us to live theirs.  So, if you find while reading the qualities associated with each line type, that you don’t really fit yours, ask yourself whether that WAS you earlier in your life..

And you’ll know, even if it’s buried deep somewhere, that you’d like to be more yourself in relationships, and get more of your own needs met.  Though you may not even know what those are at this point…

So now that you’ve downloaded the love styles handout and looked at your own heartlines, and maybe some others as well, you likely have a few questions…

What if I have a different heartline on each hand?

    • That’s very common. In Hand Analysis we often think of the dominant hand as the personality you show to the world, and the non-dominant hand as the personality that only those who are very close to you get to see. Do your heartlines reflect that?

What if I have lines that don’t look like the pictures?

    • Lines in our hands can be confusing or messy. And the heartline is no exception. There are a few variations on each of the four types, and there’s a fifth one that isn’t depicted here, and, if that’s the case with you, consider scheduling an intro call with me so that I can help you clarify.

What if I don’t feel that I fit the descriptions?

    • Well, that requires a little digging on your part. Did you – at some previous point in your life? Did you change your emotional style to suit someone else? Do you have a sense that you are actually more like the descriptions but you just don’t behave that way? If none of those are a yes, there may be other factors at play.

I want more of the upsides and less of the challenges or less productive emotional behaviours.

    • For sure. It’s enlightening, isn’t it, when you see yourself in your hands? The simple fix is learning to embrace more of your emotional style or styles (if you have two different lines). And that usually requires some work, and some changes, because you’ve likely fallen into some relationship and emotional patterns that can be harder to break. But it’s worth it.

My significant other/ boss/ business partner/ child/ best friend is completely different that I am. How can I handle that?

    • Knowing who they are is a wonderful start. And then it’s about honouring each other’s emotional preferences and styles – much like the love languages thing. The more you can learn about you – and them – the better. And the more you dive in to shifting and honoring your love style, the easier that will be.
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