Citizen Science


One of the Best Things about Graphic Recording at the Environmental Monitoring and Citizen Science Conference ... was being afforded the chance to learn about Citizen Science, a topic I knew very little about.  And as a result, I was able to add images, like wolverines and bats, to my visual vocabulary!  The Conference [...]

The 4th Annual Canadian Positive Psychology Conference


Positive Psychology in Canada The Canadian Positive Psychology Association presents Bridging Canadian Wellbeing - Toronto May 2018 The 4th Annual CPPA Conference was an incredible opportunity for Positive Psychology researchers, practitioners, students, educators and leaders to come together to explore factors that contribute to flourishing in both individual lives and in community.  From [...]

Social Media Camp 2018


Canada's Largest Social Media Conference Social Media Camp, held annually in Victoria, BC, is an awesome opportunity to soak up social media best practices from experts and delegates from all over the world.  As part of the Pondering Turtles team at the 2018 event, I captured quick graphic recordings about topics including Instagram, [...]

Are you a Big Deal?


Custom Sketchnote for Small Business USING VISUALS - SKETCHNOTE AND VIDEO - TO INTRIGUE AN AUDIENCE This video and sketchnote walks the reader through the process that took my client from sitting terrified in her chair, wishing she had the courage to sing, to [...]

Community Engagement


Education and Community Engagement VISUALS REMIND YOUR PARTICIPANTS THAT THEIR INPUT MATTERS. Participants at this roundtable explored some of the critical questions and concerns facing Educators and Students in the Cache Creek area. Bringing Graphic Recording to the event ensured that people felt heard, [...]