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Positive Psychology in Canada

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association presents Bridging Canadian Wellbeing – Toronto May 2018

The 4th Annual CPPA Conference was an incredible opportunity for Positive Psychology researchers, practitioners, students, educators and leaders to come together to explore factors that contribute to flourishing in both individual lives and in community.  From a graphic recording standpoint, it was an opportunity to practice some of the skills I’d learned in my own Positive Psychology certification, as it was a jam-packed 3 days.


Between the Scientific meetings and the Conference itself, I captured 9 eight foot Keynotes from some of Positive Psychology’s most important researchers and educators, including Ryan Niemic, Tom Rath, Robert Vallerand, Kate Hefferon, James and Susan Pawelski, James Helliwell, Veronika Huta, and M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales.

And, while I was way too busy to get to any of the many other brilliant workshops, I did manage to sneak in one, Dan Trommater.  The room was packed – Dan’s style of incorporating magic into a powerful topic led to a fun and memorable hour.

From pre-Conference preparation, to gathering materials, to capturing Keynotes and workshops.  Several photos courtesy of Scott at fivebyfivephotography – one of the most talented and creative photographers in Toronto.  To see them better, click on any image.

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