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One of the Best Things about Graphic Recording at the Environmental Monitoring and Citizen Science Conference …

was being afforded the chance to learn about Citizen Science, a topic I knew very little about.  And as a result, I was able to add images, like wolverines and bats, to my visual vocabulary!  The Conference was an informative and interesting glimpse into Alberta life.  Thanks to Environmental Monitoring and Science Division of the Alberta Government and the Miistakis Institute for the opportunity to provide the graphic recording for this important conference.


Graphic Recording of Dr. Blue Keynote Citizen Science Conference Edmonton 2018

Citizen science projects are collaborative efforts between professional scientists and citizens from diverse communities, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.  Alberta Environment and Parks, in collaboration with the Miistakis Institute brought practitioners, researchers, environmental managers, decision and policy makers, and project coordinators together to further their knowledge and share and discuss best practices, tool and methods, etc.

Over two days, I became intimately aware of the intention behind Citizen Science and the many benefits it offers; like developing scientific literacy in Canadian citizens and its important role in all sorts of scientific enquiry. The idea that science is for everyone never rang more true, and I look forward to following the growth of Citizen Science, especially among Canada’s youth.

If you are intrigued, and want to learn more, check out Environmental Monitoring here and Miistakis Institute here.

For the graphic recordings of the presentations by some of the country’s (and beyond) foremost experts on the topic, please click on any image below.

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