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Why I Sketchnote

There’s so much to remember!

I’m an avid learner, everything from books to podcasts to webinars to presentations.  And, as a result, it’s impossible to retain it all – especially when I’m on to the next thing.  Sketchnotes are a great solution and are actually how I found my way into a career as a Graphic Recorder.  Since I was already taking visual notes for myself, and have been since high school, it made sense to do the same, on a much larger scale for others.

Did you know that doodling improves retention?  There is so much research now on this subject, and a myriad of books to read.  Interestingly,  a study published by the University of Plymouth, found a 29 percent increase in information retention gained by doodlers. While most of us were chastised for doodling (ie. not paying attention) in school, the study noted that, actually, doodling seems to prevent people from losing focus  – especially if the subject matter is boring or complex.

Sunni Brown, keynote speaker, author, doodler and one of the first champions I found in my Sketchnote/Graphic Recording journey has a great article about the benefits of doodling here.  I don’t think it’s too big a stretch to apply this to any sort of learning or information dissemination that one wants to remember.

Just a few of the hundreds of sketchnotes I’ve made over the years.  Click to see full size.

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