Who you are, and what you think, or have to say, is far too important to be ignored or forgotten.  Clarity Ink will make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether your needs are professional or personal, using visuals is key.

Graphic Recording – digital or in person – will ensure that what you have to say is heard, understood and remembered. Especially now when you and your audience are zoom fatigued, distracted, and definitely multi-tasking (or not even in the room) while you’re speaking. Images, colors, and fonts will keep them engaged and ensure that your most important points are remembered and shared.

Visual Coaching – which incorporates both Visuals and EFT/Tapping – is for those who have big plans for their businesses or for themselves, but feel stuck.  I’ll help you to identify the blocks and beliefs, get and stay motivated, and help you push through when the going gets tough.  Because it always does!