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I bet you’ve noticed that life can be intense?  :). And being prepared for all that it throws at us is challenging.  I’ve found a few go to, never fail, tools from Positive Psychology, HeartMath, and Intentional Creativity that I turn to whenever I need perspective, to take the edge off, or just time with my thoughts and feelings.  I share them with you throughout your Visual Coaching journey as resources for the deep diving you’ll do, but also as tools to be used everywhere in your life.  Simple, quick and effective – and easy to share with others.

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Addressing worry, finding motivation, living gratefully, identifying your strengths and values, and developing resilience are just a few of the tools available in Positive Psychology.
  • HeartMath can teach us how to move quickly from negative, unconstructive emotions like anger or jealousy to positive and constructive ones like gratitude or love.  Helping you manage stress and stay healthy.
  • Creativity helps you to access inner wisdom and insights that you can’t find any other way.  It doesn’t take any artistic talent, a simple pen and paper and a prompt or two leads to self expression and awareness that can’t be found in a book or conversation. Your Visual Coaching journey will include several of these.
Here’s an interesting worksheet to help get you started.

Positive Psychology, HeartMath and Intentional Creativity have kept me grounded and resilient in times of stress and challenge, and happy, inspired, and grateful at other times.  Each has its own merits but all are about wellness and the ability to manage our emotions, direct our thoughts, and access our innate wisdom.

I’ve taught all three systems to individuals, women’s groups, and in the corporate and educational worlds for the last 10 years, giving people tools and resources that last well beyond the session or the retreat.  These are lifelong skills and techniques that you can use and share forever.

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